Revolver Internet Edition<br><br>Version 1.7 has arrived! .
Revolver Internet Edition

Version 1.7 has arrived!

Revolver is the newest forensic
version of the world’s most powerful
Website downloader, Offline Explorer.

Identification & Collection.
Identification & Collection

Easily identify and collect Internet evidence, including single or multiple Web pages - or entire Web sites.

Preservation. Preserve your Internet evidence securely.

Preserve your Internet evidence securely.


Analyze your online evidence by
extracting important information.


Create customized evidence reports
that can be presented clearly in court.


MetaProducts suite of REVOLVER applications were designed specifically for security, legal and forensic professionals that investigate and collect Internet digital evidence.

The MetaProducts REVOLVER suite consists of two applications: The REVOLVER Internet Edition, or RvIE, and the Revolver Social Media Edition, or RvSME. RvIE's main purpose is to download Websites; RvSME's main purpose is to copy social media Webpages. (RvSME will be released in 2016.)


RvIE can download up to five hundred files simultaneously, and can include screen shot images of each Webpage (Website Image Reports, or WIREs). Webpages can be copied directly to your hard drive or to other external media, like Flash drives and DVDs. RvIE can automatically download any Website, of any size, freeing the investigator from having to manually copy Webpages one by one. The ability to automatically and quickly copy content allows the investigator to collect the evidence before it can be changed by the owner of the Website. It also reduces the possibility of detection.


Every downloaded file or Webpage screenshot is protected using a 256 bit Secure Hashing Algorithm. (SHA-256) This hash code is included as part of RvIE's comprehensive Audit Log Report. All files downloaded by RvIE, including Website Image Reports, or WIREs, are authenicated by displaying the MetaProducts Authenticity Seal. (MSAS) If any downloaded file is modified after a download, the modification will be detected and an invalidated MSAS will be displayed on the effected report, indicating that the file has been modified.